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KCP Concrete Pump prides itself on being ‘Simply the Best’. We recognize that being the best does not mean being like everyone else, it means quite the opposite. KCP has the courage to break free from the mold and sets new trends that will help shape the future of concrete pumping.

But let’s walk through our motto from the beginning; simplicity. Keeping our equipment uncomplicated has always been our focus. We know that when your operators understand the machine, the more your company will benefit in terms of time and money. As we provide our customers with products they trust and understand, KCP has quickly become a household name to our industry.

Some of KCP’s key design features include; reducing the number of elbows in our boom system which means less restriction on the flow of concrete. Having less restriction allows your hydraulic system to work at a more comfortable pace and will significantly reduce the likelihood of a plug during a pour. We also minimize the usage of electrical systems and eliminated the use of computerized controls. This saves you time and money when troubleshooting. Our pumps are so simple that we guarantee you’ll find up to 90% of issues encountered can be solved on the job site.

These are just some reasons why KCP has been named the #1 pump manufacturer in Korea 7 years in a row since 2010! Let KCP be your one-stop-shop for all your concrete pumping needs; whether it be parts, pumps or service we want to help you. After all, our business is to help you succeed and build lasting relationships based on trust.