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Concrete Pumps

  • KCP Concrete Pumps are the most user-friendly on the market.
  • Our open loop system creates less heat on hydraulic oil allowing it to last much longer.
  • KCP boom pumps feature fewer curves in the boom system meaning less resistance created while pumping.
concrete pump truck

Meet the team of passionate people behind the most user-friendly pump on the market.

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KCP Line Pumps and Placing Booms for Sale.

Our pumps are simply the best but do not take it from us. Here is the word around town.
US American Concrete Pump

“US American Concrete Corp. has been buying KCP Concrete Pumps since 2015. We have everything from boom and line pumps to placing booms. We are extremely satisfied with the equipment and the support we receive from the team at KCP. In 2019 we added a new KCP 70m boom to our fleet! US American plans to continue adding KCP’s to their fleet annually.”

  • Jorge Rodriguez , President, US American Concrete Corp.
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