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About Us

Here at KCP, we strive for excellence by continuing to evolve with new technology and innovative ideas. All our pumps are designed with end-user in mind so you can get the job done right with ease.

KCP Heavy Industries building

We are passionate about making the most streamlined hydraulic and electrical systems possible.

KCP believes that simple is better. Therefore, we have made it our goal to bring you the most streamlined hydraulic and electrical systems possible. With no computerized controls, troubleshooting is quick and easy. You could say we’ve taken the “trouble” out of “troubleshooting”.

Innovative simplicity is a passion that started from the very genesis of the company.

KCP’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea has been in operation since 2001. The North American division was established in British Columbia, Canada back in 2006. This was the same year KCP created the worlds first ever 65m boom pump. We are a company that has seen exponential growth on a global scale and have proven ourselves to be leaders in our industry.

Not only do we believe you deserve equipment that is easy to operate and maintain at a fair price, but we also believe in exceeding expectations. KCP has accomplished feats that many of our competitors have yet to catch up to. Most notably, the 60m detachable boom pump, which to date is still the largest placing boom in the world. Another incredible feat is our 70m boom pump, mounted on a single chassis weighing in at only 133,000lbs! We believe in providing you with simple and functional solutions to satisfy your concrete pumping needs.

Simplicity is core to our entire value system.

We understand the importance of providing you with equipment that makes you money. As we all know, time is money, especially when it comes to concrete. When you combine our simple hydraulic and electrical systems with a team that is dedicated to keeping you up and running, you can count on far less downtime than ever before.


Life is complicated enough as it is. Your concrete pump shouldn’t be.


Exceeding expectations by realizing the future of concrete pumping before it happens.


Count on a dedicated team of professionals to support you in a friendly and timely manner.

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